About Prodigy

Prodigy International Montessori School has been established in 2014. The school is located in Peelamedu with a spacious classrooms and a created environment. We have a comfortable free space for children to run around, explore, play and have the benefit of plenty of fresh air. Children benefit from a superb team of long-serving, dedicated professional staff with many years experience at the nursery between them. All are totally dedicated to the children, giving them their love and affection and providing the happy homely atmosphere on which the school prides itself.

  • ♣ Every child has the inherent right to life
  • ♣ Every child has a right to a standard of living adequate for physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.


Children between 3 to 6 years are intrepid explorers. The children absorb everything in their environment by interacting with the adulds around them. They are guided from within towards what is necessary for their life Children attend a daily session for five days a week. This provides a regular and establish routine at an optimal time of the day for learning. The children learn from and assist one another. They are free to move about, talk and work with familiar materials that can be divided into the four basic areas of the pre-school curriculum:

  • ♣ Practical life activities include polishing, washing, pouring, dressing skills, food prepration, sewing and social skills.
  • ♣ Sensorial activities involve grading and matching shape, weight, touch, taste colour and sound.
  • ♣ Language activity increase vocabulary, explore the sounds and syntax of the English language and help children to read and write. And this activities also includes stories, speaking and sound games, through to working with sand paper letters, writing with a movable alphabet and then reading.
  • ♣ Mathematical concepts are offered to children concretely. Hands-on materials create an enjoyable approach to arithmetic and geometry. Children will learn to count and then to operate decimal systems and fractions. From this solid base abstraction occurs naturally.